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  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • Our Heritage Spans Over 100 Years.


  • City of Mission is Founded.

  • Epitacio Flores Cabinet Maker Starts Flores Funeral Home

    Carved from a humble beginning, today Flores Funeral Home stands among the Valley’s oldest business and among the most respected mortuary establishments, continuing a family tradition of excellence in caring service. Found by Epitacio Flores and his son, Jose R., in 1913, the business born when the two men were carpenters and Epitacio founded the business under the name of Agencia Inhumaciones, E. Flores y Cia. Their initial business enterprise was the construction of wooden caskets. As the demand for the service grew the enterprising Flores men bought a Ford Model T and built a curtain, glass-sided box on the back, creating the family’s first hearse.

  • Jose R. Flores Sr. Takes Over The Funeral Home

    In those days a burial was done within 24 hours of the death as embalming was not usual. Wakes were held at home and since most families did not have vehicles they would follow the hearse on foot or horse to the cemetery. The first location was for the business was 206 St. Marie but in 1956 the business was established at 805 Mayberry in order to build a chapel and expand the facilities. It served the Mission area for 32 years from this location. In 1988 the business was once again relocated to its current location on 219 S Mayberry where its continued to serve families for the last 28 years.

  • Jose R. Flores Jr. Becomes Company’s First Funeral Director/Embalmer.

    The family dedicated to providing these services tot he communities can be seen in the long line of family members who have been involved in the profession: the founder, Epitacio who died in 1935; his son Jose R., licenses in 1935 and died in 1948; Arturo his grandson licensed in 1948 and died in 1974; Adalberto, a grandson, licensed in 1959 and who became the firms first embalmer. In 1964, Jose R Flores named the business Flores Funeral Home.

  • Flores Funeral Home Becomes Corporate

    Jose R. Flores continued in the business until he passed away in 1990, but the family legacy continued providing service and comfort to the families of the community.

  • Veronica I. Flores

    Jose’s daughter, Veronica, graduated from Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. She became the first female Funeral Director and Embalmer and is fourth generation. She continued at the forefront of the business until 2005.

  • Connie Flores, 4th Generation, Takes Over Funeral Home.

    Flores Funeral Home is now headed up by Jose’s youngest daughter Connie Flores, who’s approach and gentle demeanor are still a template by which the family runs their funeral home.

  • New Marketing Showroom

  • Connie Flores Renteria

    President & Owner

  • Ricardo Renteria

    Vice President

  • Veronica Flores

    Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Rick Silva

    Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Sarah Delgado

    Office Administration & Pre-Need Agent



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  • Rafael Delgado

    “To the staff, Flores Funeral Home. I want to say, Thank you.”

    To the staff , Flore's Funeral Home. I want to say, Thank you. From our family for taking care of us when we lost our love one last year. You all attended as with so much attention and care, also helped with the preparations when it was so difficult for us. Your experience shows through. We are extremely thankful....

  • Mungia Family

    To Flores Funeral Home and Staff

    We the Munguia family would like to extend our deepest respect of gratitude. We were so happy with how everything was made so special for our father. The pictures were displayed so nicely and his announcements were very thoughtful. We would like to thank you for everything, all of you were very considerate and helpful with everything. We will recommend your services to others and let them know how everything was perfect for our family.

  • Refugio C. Salazar

    To Flores Funeral Home and Staff

    Thank you to all of the staff at Flore's Funeral Home. They where always very sensitive and professional to our family's needs when my grandmother passed away right before X-mas. I came all the way from California and I was very impressed with the service.